Is Chiropractic Safe?

Let's examine a completely objective point of view. Do you know what an actuary does? Actuaries are statisticians who work in the ivory towers of insurance carriers. Their only interest is determining the risk of insuring someone against some specific risk, i.e what could it cost their share-holders? Thus neither the AMA nor the Chiropractic associations influence them, as much as we would love to... i.e. they have no dog in the race.

All physicians in the state of New Jersey MUST carry $1MM/3MM in malpractice coverage. That includes Chiropractors. Your family doctor who performs no surgery, but just gives out some pills; performs physicals (like we do), and gives flu shots, according to Medical Economics Magazine, is paying from 14-20 Thousand dollars/yr for that coverage. Obstetrician/Gynecologists are paying close to $100,000.00/ year just for insurance coverage. Guess what Doctor Press pays? Would you believe just UNDER ONE thousand dollars! We'll show you the bill.

All fears of the "dangers of seeing a Chiropractor" should have just disappeared if you're a rational person. In other words anyone who told you it's dangerous just LIED to you !!

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