The History of Sports Chiropractic

by Dr. Stephen Press

Editor: Prof. Pat Montgomery (Logan University)
Foreword: Dr. Keith Overland (President of the ACA)
Introduction: Dr. Paul Jaskoviak (Ret. Dean, Cont. Ed, NUHS)

"This is the comprehensive historical record that has been decades in the waiting."
Dr. Sheila Wilson (President, FICS)

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Passion, Profession and Politics

An Autobiography of Dr. Stephen Press

Like a good romance? Here’s a story better than most Hollywood tales.. a romance which spans from America to France and back several times, and went on for 20 years… and caused several bad marriages on both sides…. The author’s amazing blood lines from Offenbach to Calvin Klein… Founding of an International Agency, now fully recognized by all the world in sport, and being appointed to represent the USSR at the Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, France, in 1992, as their Chief Physician! Even his investigation by BOTH the KGB and CIA….

If you are interested in sports, sports politics, romance and intrigue, or just Chiropractic in general, you will love this book.

"This is for everyone with a heart!

Patients Guide NET

Chiropractic Patient's Q & A

by Dr. Stephen Press

Answers to all your questions, and for all your excuses. Dr. Press takes a sometimes irreverent approach to providing a no nonsense guide to what you should and should not expect from a Doctor of Chiropractic, and some questions, from a Chiropractic patient's perspective, about medicine and medical treatments too...

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Chiroqna Russian

Кайропрактика: Вопросы и Ответы

by Dr. Stephen Press

В книге "Кайропрактика: вопросы и ответы" доктор Пресс иногда противоречиво высказывается о своей професси и о профессии медицинского врача. Он предлагает... More >

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