Maya Usova


usova-mMy partner and then husband, Alexander Zhulin and I first met Dr. Press in 1990, in Sokolniki stadium, in Moscow, then the USSR. You must realize the shock of being a Soviet athlete, introduced to an American doctor as our new Chief Physician, and to be expected to have trust in this foreigner! For me, it has always been of paramount importance in dealing with any doctor that to give my trust I must first like him/her as a person. We both liked him almost immediately. Since then he has always had my trust and friendship, and has always been there for us, in Moscow, Lake Placid or while performing at Madison Square Garden, the Meadowlands, or elsewhere. Once when I was hurt in Lake Placid, he got in his car and drove the four+ hours to help me. I will never forget that gesture.

I cannot recount how many times I suffered some injury, or developed some new ache or pain, which frequently only Dr. Press managed to diagnose and effectively treat.

To anyone suffering from any kind of sports injury, I cannot recommend him more highly. If the problem is not in his field, his circle of specialists number some of the best in the World, and he will not hesitate to see that one of them is called in, when appropriate.


Maya Usova

Bronze medalist - 1992 Winter Olympic Games, Albertville, France
Silver medalist - 1994 Winter Olympic Games, Lillehammer, Norway
Gold medalist - 1998 World Professional Figure Skating Championships, Landover, MD