Evgeny Platov

evgeny platov

I have known Dr. Press as my friend and physician since 1990, when I was skating with Oksana Grishuk, and we were preparing for the Olympic games. As with any élite athlete, skaters always seem to have one sprain or strain, ache or pain from the intensity of training and practice. He has always been the one to whom I turned for help, and has never failed to fix what ailed me. Dr. Press is the kind of doctor who always goes the extra mile, and I cannot recommend him more highly.

***** Five stars!

Evgeny Platov

Olympic Champion, Ice Dancing - 1994 - Lillehammer, Norway
Olympic Champion, Ice Dancing - 1998 - Nagano, Japan

World Champion, Ice Dancing, 1994,5,6 & 7;
Gold medal, World Professional Figure Skating Championships, Landover, MD, 1998