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Chiropractic for High Blood Pressure

A major new study published at the University of Chicago Medical Center, done by George Bakris, MD, Director of the U.C. Hypertension Clinic, shows that specific upper cervical adjustment can lower blood pressure “as much as TWO blood pressure medications taken at once.

See study published here: [Click Here]

See WebMD report on the study here: [Click Here]

Ask Dr. Press about receiving this specific treatment here. Dr. Press is trained, among numerous techniques, in Palmer Upper Cervical Specific Adjustment, aka the NUCCA technique used in the study.

If you MUST, then take your meds at night!

Recent research seem to indicate that if you must be taking medication to lower your blood pressure (and there are new natural means of keeping it down without drugs), then you should try taking your meds at night, rather than in the morning.

See Bergen Record article about Blood Pressure meds: (click here – PDF .pdf)

In the past couple of years a major study on a specific type of Chiropractic adjustment has shown that it can actually help to reduce high blood pressure.

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Also, a new nutritional supplement from Japan is an ACE inhibitor, just like all the major drugs for BP, only without side effects, and this is from Tuna! Ask us to help you control your BP. Call 201-569-1444 today.