The Case of Robert M's Ruptured Cervical Disc

ruptured cervical pre-treatment

(pre) Ruptured cervical disc

"I came to Dr. Press when I was in a head on collision in 1985. The Bergen County area was one of the first in the State to get an MRI machine, and Dr. Press, realizing that I was injured, immediately sent me for an MRI for my neck. The report showed a "ruptured cervical disc" at about the middle of my neck. It was explained to me that this was a rather severe disc injury and Dr. Press explained that there were risks associated with manipulation of such an injury, but the alternative was certain surgery on my neck. I chose to have Dr. Press start treatment. Over the next several months, I saw him pretty often, but in a few weeks I was nearly out of pain.

After a few months of therapy, I was ready to return to work. Just then the insurance company sent me to a neruro-surgeon to determine if I "continue to require Chiropractic care". (Doctor's note: this is no longer allowed by law. Only a Doctor of Chiropractic may now make that determination). Naturally, not knowing anything about Chiropractic, he wrote a letter telling me that I "should reconsider surgery, and discontinue the Chiropractic manipulation" saying "it might be dangerous". The strange thing was that by the time he saw me, I was almost completely healed and ready to return to work! I was being told to have a surgery (it was clear to everyone else) I no longer needed!

rupt disc healed

(post) Disc healed completely!

Dr. Press got the insurance company to agree to a "post treatment" MRI. When the Radiologist saw my neck, he called Dr. Press, asking if I had had surgery? When Dr. Press assured him that I had not, he told him he would agree to write a scientific paper about Dr. Press' treatment, because there was NO TRACE of A DISC INJURY AT ALL!

That was 1985, and today (2011) I still have no problems with my neck! I can't recommend Dr. Press highly enough. He clearly saved me from certain surgery.


Robert M.