An Attorney's tale....

I have known and worked with Dr. Stephen Press for over 20 years. The clients I have referred to him for treatment often comment on how happy they are with their treatment. Dr. Press is always available to discuss a patient's care, and provides excellent detailed reports. When needed he is willing to clear his schedule to testify in court.

In a case we brought to trial some years ago, for a client injured in a slip and fall in a supermarket, Dr. Press helped make the case, stepping in at our request after the treating doctor's professional credibility came into question. For their expert, the market brought an orthopedic surgeon from an area hospital. The Orthopedist (whom we shall call Dr. "Y") testified that the client's (whom we shall call Mrs "Q") three suddenly appearing herniated lumbar discs were "not the result of trauma, but the normal result of aging".

During cross examination of Dr. Press by Defense Counsel, he was asked: "if I told you that Dr. Y just told the jury that Mrs. Q's injuries were not the result of trauma, but the normal result of aging, would that be of interest to you?" Dr. Press instantly responded that it "was not". Already somewhat flustered, defense Counsel then asked him if "we could make a hypothetical? In which Mrs Q presents in your (Dr. P's) office and has these injuries, and they are not the result of trauma, but the normal result of aging". Dr. Press answered, "Counselor, if I may paraphrase, we are asking if we graft wings on the back of a Jack-ass, can it fly?". The Jury was clearly pretty amused. Defense Counsel then told Dr. Press "OK, Doctor you were qualified as a Chiropractic Physician, not a Veterinary Surgeon, so let's leave the wings and the Jack-ass out of the equation, and stick to Chiropractic". Undaunted, Dr. Press retorted, "Counselor, was Dr. Y (the Orthopedist) qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon? It seems HE was the one who put the wings on that Jack-ass". The Jury was shaking with laughter. The Judge had to call for Order, and then gave us a recess, during which the Defendants settled with us for more than we anticipated.


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