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Dr. Press’ Recommendations For Joint Health
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Unlike most vitamins, there seems to be no good research that would make the recommendation of one brand of joint health formula significantly better than another, there fore Dr. Press suggests that all patients over the age of 40 should, (unless there is some contraindication with some medication you are taking), take Glucosamine and Chondroitin. (WARNING: If you are allergic to shellfish, there are shellfish free versions available for an additional cost) Glucosamine and Chondroitin come in single, double and triple strength formulas. You can determine the level you need based on the degree of arthritic changes you have been diagnosed with, or ask the doctor. We recommend both substances together, though the vast bulk of research favors the effects of glucosamine alone, there are some studies showing that chondroitin

  • (Study published by Reuter’s)
  • does increase the benefit. If you have joint pains, you can buy MSM to take along with your glucosamine and chondroitin, but DO NOT buy the three products combined in one pill! There are two reasons: 1st, you can’t get enough MSM in the combination pill to do you any real good, and 2nd, it just increases the cost of the product excessively. Get MSM powder instead, and, for general joint pains take two teaspoons in the morning and two in the evening. If the taste is too bitter, you can mix it into Welch’s grape juice, Raspberry Snapple, applesauce or yogurt and even add some sweetener like Stevia. The toxicity of MSM has been tested in athletes taking more than 3000mg/kg of body weight (vastly more than recommended above, and there were no ill effects).

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