image of a back with spine films visualizedA: In this office, we take the license to irradiate people VERY seriously. We can assure you that unless there is a sound medical reason to x-ray, we will not even suggest it.

We recognize that many Chiropractors x-ray everything that moves. We do NOT believe this is necessary, and spend more time talking people out of x-rays then taking them. If we DO suggest x-rays or MRI, then you may count on the fact that it is in YOUR interest to have the procedure, not ours.

And, BTW, most of the issues we deal with, involve discs. Ordinary x-rays cannot tell a doctor if the disc is injured. An xray is only of value to determine of there are fractures, bone infections, or tumors/cysts. One cannot see the soft tissue, only the space it occupies. Thus in these cases only an MRI or CT-scan (Computerized tomography) will give adequate results. Since an MRI does not involve x-radiation, but only uses magnets and radio waves, we strongly prefer to use MRI technology to image your spine. Due to cost issues however, we refer for MRI only when it is medically necessary.

In any event, when we do feel x-ray will be required, our radiographic equipment is inspected regularly by the State, and is the most modern. And we take all necessary precautions to limit your exposure. In fact, we are right now in the process of upgrading it to a fully digital system.