Scenar Therapy

This device is one of the most exciting and promising new modalities in electro-medicine to arrive in many years. Coming from 30 years ins secret development in Russia, this computer device enters into a biofeedback conversation with your tissues to correct imbalances called asymmetries in your body. Useful for treatment of a wide variety of disorders, it is FDA approved for relief of pain. Ask about Scenar therapy.

Thirty years in development in the secret "Star City", recently the Russian government declassified an exciting new device for treatment of a wide variety of conditions. Scenar therapy was developed for the Russian cosmonauts to have a means to treat themselves in space. First sold only in Australia, the FDA has approved the device for treatment of all forms of pain. Few physicians in the United States are trained to administer this therapy, because the inventor Prof. Dr. Alex Revenko, speaks only Russian. Recently, Dr. Press became the first non native speaker of Russian to participate in an intensive seminar entirely in the Russian language to train in Scenar therapy.

Scenar Therapy has been reported to eliminate pain in conditions as varied as tennis elbow, shoulder pains, post-herpetic neuralgia, and even duodenal ulcers! Scenar therapy is promoted as being a computerized device which communicates with your tissue and injects a signal in response to abnormal signals received until it normalizes that electrical "envelope". Some of the results reported in the numerous medical journals are nothing less than staggering. Inquire today with Dr. Press to see if you are a candidate for Scenar therapy.