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Our X-Ray Lab, with state of the art Picker 300/125 X-Ray machine

We traditionally maintain a state of the art Picker 300/125 X-ray machine, State EPA licensed, inspected and approved. Automatic processor with 3 minute development time.


Please note that this office does not take x-rays of every new patient as a matter of course. We never x-ray you unless we believe that they are medically necessary to make a competent diagnosis. We take the privilege of irradiating human beings VERY seriously, and take every possible precaution to limit your exposure when we do take x-rays. We really prefer to order an MRI if possible to actually see the soft tissue involved.


If there is any possibility that you could be pregnant when you arrive at the office please inform the front desk before you are seen. (Mrs) Olga Press, is a medical doctor (with 20 years in pediatrics in St. Petersburg, currently practicing as an RN here in New Jersey.