Dr. Press on New Jersey News (1980)

Leg PainSciatic pain can come from several causes. sciatica is generally described as pain radiating down through the buttock and into the back of the leg. When this happens, we call this sciatica, or sciatic neuritis. There are other names for this condition when the pain radiates to the side of the leg, or even into the groin area, and most of the time, the first treatment needs to be Chiropractic care. Traditionally, the medical approach to sciatica will be to order a number of tests, X-rays which are per se not healthy, and other tests which are invasive and may be rather uncomfortable (like, e.g., an EMG), and then you are given pain killers, muscle relaxants, and even steroids, and sent to physical therapy, for a period of time If you had a nail in your b&*&&, we can give you all these medications to cut off the signals to your alarm system (the brain), but it's usually better to just pull out the nail... in this case take the pressure from the nerve, by safe, painless, and highly skilled, Chiropractic manipulation. Remember ONLY a chiropractic physician can tell if you if your Sciatica can be helped by Chiropractic methods. After a complete Chiropractic orthopedic and neurological evaluation, and seeing any radiological studies which have been performed, or ordering a new MRI, we will be able to inform you if we can resolve your sciatic pain. If you do not have condition which can be treated by Chiropractic (CMT), then we will refer you to someone who can help you. Dr. Press has helped thousands of people with sciatica over his 37+ years in practice. Your relief could be just around the corner. Call 201-569-1444,