Your Doctor is a highly decorated, internationally reknowned physician who has been honored by his peers in and out of the Chiropractic Profession, and in and outside the US. His distinctions include being made a:

Non Profit Professional Societies called "colleges"
In Democratic countries, professional associations for societies are nearly all non-profit, charitable corporations, whose income goes solely to promoting the education and research in the field for which the society is formed. They are called "Colleges", but are not traditional teaching institutions, but professional associations.

American Professional Colleges
In the US for example; in the field of Sports Medicine, the American College of Sports Medicine is such a society. All it's members pay dues to remain members, but only a very small élite group of the most honored members are elected by their peers to the rank of "Fellow"

American College of Physicians, and College of Surgeons
The American College of Physicians, and the American College of Surgeons are another two such societies. Once can be a Board Certified Surgeon, but becoming a "Fellow" of the American College of Surgeons is a very high honor for a very distinguished surgeon, who has made major contributions to the field. Similarly, the International College of Chiropractors was organized many years ago, by past presidents of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), and annually elect a small number of Doctors of Chiropractic to their ranks as "Fellows" of the ICC.

The system in the United Kingdom
In the United Kingdom it goes even further. A group of professionals can form a corporate entity which is a charitable institution similar to that formed in the US, but only a small fraction of those corporations, like the British College of Chiropractors eventually get recognized by the Queen's priviy Council, and have their corporate charter elevated to the rank of a Royal Charter. That just makes it the British College of Chiropractors, with a Royal charter. Eventually, if the profession is considered to be mature and distinguished enough, it may be personally recognized by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, and she may choose to grant them the right to call themselves the "Royal Society or College" of whatever; artists, photographers, Physicians, Surgeons and most recently the Royal College of Chiropractors.

Exclusive bodies
Assuredly these agencies do not accept just any members, but all becoming members pay dues to remain associated with their Royal College or Society. Of those most distinguished members, the élite corps of the membership may be voted by the respective Board of Directors to a new rank of "Fellow' and thereafter only Fellows are granted the right to use the FRCC, in what are called "post-nominal letters" (Letters after ones name), and then get to vote on creating and making new Fellows.

World Recognition
Thus, this is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a Doctor of Chiropractic by his national agency, and to receive this honor from another Country altogether means that the doctor is known Internationally, and is being recognized overseas for his/her contributions to the profession at the World level.