The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is the largest body in Sports Medicine in the World. ACSM is the national member of the FIMS, (International Fed. of Sports Medicine). Of their members, about 40+% are MD's, and about 40+ are PhD's. The rest are physiotherapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, and some Doctors of Chiropractic. All pay dues to this non-profit scientific body. Members may not use the post-nominal letters MACSM. Of the 14,000 some members, only about 1000 have been elected to the rank of "Fellow" and ONLY Fellows may use the letters FACSM after their names.

Dr. Press is the ONLY DC to ever have been elected to the rank of "Fellow".

To become a Fellow of the ACSM, one must 1st have a doctoral degree; have been a member for a certain number of years; attended a certain number of Annual meetings, and be sponsored by two existing Fellows. Then the Fellows only vote on the election. Criteria include having been a long time professor in sports medicine, having taught in the field and having made major, significant contributions to the body of sports medicine knowledge. This is a high honor, granted by one's peers in Sports Medicine, and for a DC, it was, and remains unprecedented.